ElektraFi your team

Reduce financial worries and distractions for your employees

Automate and enable
your people to take control of their financial health.
ElektraFi your employee

Provide equal access

Democratize access to impartial financial advice for all employees

Increase your diversity, equity & inclusion

Provide equal access to financial tools and guidance, for all employees

Reduce financial stress

Support your people with their financial concerns and goals

ElektraFi helps your employees navigate...

managing debt

caregiving for aging parents

paying off student loans

planning for retirement

saving for personal goals

buying a car or home

preparing for the unexpected

changes in their marital status

starting a family

Plan your financial future on one

Track your spending

Get full visibility into your cash flow and debt, and how to optimize your spending patterns.

Knowledge is power.


Your Employee Equity

Demystify your equity compensation. ESOP, RSU, ESPP, vesting schedules etc… it can be overwhelming!

We make it easy to understand.

your net worth

Get a clear picture of your wealth today and envision where you want to be.

Your future self will thank you.

Set and track
your goals

Whether it's saving for your next vacation or your next home or vehicle...

Make your dreams a reality!

Plan your retirement

Gain insights into your future needs and optimize your retirement planning.

It's never too early or too late to start. The time to start is now.

We take your privacy seriously. Your information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

None of your personal information is shared with your company, your boss or anyone else.

You and your
people are not
alone on this journey
Be mentored by our
Certified Financial Planners (CFPs)

Our CFPs provide impartial financial guidance and support to your people.


Get Onboarded

We do all the heavy lifting. It’s as easy as clicking a button to get started with our platform integrations.


Be Supported

Start setting your goals and realize your actual financial wealth and how to envision your future.


Be Coached

Leverage the expertise of our Certified Financial Planners to discover how to achieve your personal goals.

Increase pay
transparency with...

detailed itemized compensation breakdowns

Provide your people with a clear breakdown of their compensation, including base salary, bonuses, commissions, stock options, benefits, and any other forms of remuneration.

salary range and bands

Establish salary ranges or bands for different job roles and provide a clear understanding of their potential salary associated with their position.

pay equity analysis

Conduct regular pay analysis to identify any gender, racial, or other forms of pay disparities and ensure fairness in compensation practices.

Be proactive
with your IPO

Calculate and track your vesting progress

We centralize all the necessary information to track your vesting process and share price of your company.

Prioritize employee assistance

We provide your people with expert financial advice, so they can make prudent decisions regarding their equity vesting.

Envision the financial impact

Our situational calculators show how equity vesting and an IPO could affect your peoples’ individual financial situation.

Enable your people to be the best version of themselves.

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