Building brighter futures through financial wellness

We democratize access
to expert financial advice
for all your employees

ElektraFi provides impartial financial advice to give your employees peace of mind.

Financial wellness is impacting your people and your bottom line

One in four Canadians are unable to cover an unexpected expense of $500

70% of employees want support from their employers for their financial well-being

48% of employees say they’ve lost sleep because of financial worries

Platform integrations support our approach to financial health based on...

impartial financial advice

data-driven insights

behavioural science

Everything you need on one unique platform

We take your privacy seriously. Your information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

None of your personal information is shared with your company, your boss or anyone else.

Discover how ElektraFi can
transform your business

Acquiring new talent

ElektraFi improves employees' financial health through personalized coaching, relevant thought leadership, and a clear view of their total compensation.

Understanding equity

Provide information on how RSUs, ESPPs, and stock options work, including vesting, exercising, and taxation.


Welcome your new hires to the team with the best health plan options, professional advice, and support to help them select the best benefits for their needs.

Increasing transparency

Show the total value of employee compensation in an interactive and visually appealing way to increase engagement and retention.

Providing expert advice

Offer your employees personalized advice from Certified Financial Planners and a customized benefits selection for a top-notch experience.

Offboarding support

Assist employees in their transition out of the company, providing support across the process.

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Enable your people to be the best version of themselves.

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