Matheus Campioli

Lead Product Designer

A little bit about me

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, my parents always spend the maximum of their finances to provide the best education for me, even if it requires more work and effort to balance the finances due to the required expensive medications of my special brother who has a rare syndrome. I graduated in Design at PUC-Rio and won 3 times in an international contest made by Apple, being awarded a WWDC Scholarship (now Swift Student Challenge) to participate in the event in California.

During my professional experience, I’ve worked at financial and investment institutions, understanding how money works, how to help people to make better decisions, and the importance of financial education to reach our personal and professional goals. Based on this knowledge learned over the years, I got married and prepared myself to move to Canada, now living in Vancouver, BC.

User Experience
Listening & Observation
Video Game

My Core Values


My Skills

What I believe

Our foundation is our family, values and education and how we connect all this knowledge across the journey. Everyone has something that you can learn from and you have something to teach them as well. It’s important to observe the environment, be humble and listen to what others have to say. In every experience created, I’m constantly learning the main needs of users and guiding them through simple experiences that provide them reach their goals and full potential.

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