Elizabeth Stewart

Head of Customer Success

A little bit about me

My career kicked off early, leading teams in retail stores before finishing high school. As a team leader, I quickly recognized how seemingly “small things” like meaningful incentives, group dynamics and team systems led to big revenue returns (and a happy team) with our stores quickly ending up number one in the nation. I was (and still am) fascinated by how leaders can intentionally create work environments where people can feel safe, belong, have fun and smash some hefty targets together.

These experiences fueled my interest in behavioural science and I soon completed my Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, a field that specializes in the science of people at work and all the fun factors that drive human behaviour. After graduating I’ve had over a decade of experience working in all things leadership, behaviour and performance and in my most recent years, I’ve specialized in working in B2B SaaS environments with a focus on Customer Experience, Strategy to Execution and Revenue.

Leading Teams
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My Core Values


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What I believe

Spending the majority of my childhood in Papua New Guinea, I was raised in a unique environment with exposure to all backgrounds, cultures and orientations from an early age. This sparked a deep appreciation for understanding the unique stories and experiences that shape who we are and I have a genuine belief in doing my best to ensure the people I connect with feel seen, heard, safe and valued.

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